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Fran Pérez
Posted Apr 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I've just finished a small module to toggle a perspective view in your prototypes. You can also rotate the view by panning left or right.


Known issue: I haven't been able to change the default perspective to 0 in Chrome.


German Bauer

Awesome, Fran!

Rich Zarick

You sir, have an incredible point of view.

Fran Pérez

Thanks! :)

German Bauer

Fran Pérez did you define a delay between each of the layers somewhere, or is this simply because of the computing going on for each layer separately. I quite like the staggering effect the delay has.

Pablo Prada

Fantástico 🎖

Tes Mat

Wow! Nice execution! I was just thinking of trying to create something like this. (To use educationally, in a workshop)

Jorn van Dijk

Beautifully executed. Krijn, please add to our media channels.

Mike Hughes

Handy ! Might be able to use this to show proto layers to Devs/Designers.

Adrián Mato Gondelle

Pretty cool Fran :)

Johannes Eckert

so. much. fun!
you could divide the rotation by 360 (or some other math) to only rotate once when returning back to default perspective

Mike McGetrick

You deserve fat stacks for your phat stacks.

Sophie Soyeon Kang

this prototype will give us lots of help to implement a new project. much thanks!

Michael Todd

JinJu Jang

Reveal for Framer... :)

German Bauer

Fran , I noticed that it always rotates counter-clockwise even if you panned it to be at for example 350. So it rotates it all the way back to 0, when the shorter path would have been a quick 10 degree clock-wise rotation towards 360.
I did try to set the target rotation just before the animation to either 0 or 360 based on shortest mathematical difference to current angle, but it always goes counter-clockwise. Is there a workaround to that?

Jithesh Ramesh

Is there a way to slide out one card from the stack and drop it on the top.

Jingshu Feng


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