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Etienne Lamotte
Posted Apr 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, on windows I`m forced to use the open source version of FramerJS (without the mac editor) so I use Prepros to compile my coffee code and trigger an hot-reload. It's works well but I can't integrate any Framer modules ("require" command generate an error). Am I the only one? Is there any way to use modules with the open-source version?


Struan Fraser

I believe this boilerplate has some clever ways to tackle the problem,

Etienne Lamotte

Great ressource, it was what I looked for, thanks for sharing !

Javier Chávarri

Hi Etienne Lamotte if you have suggestions or see any ways it the boilerplate can be improved, don't hesitate to share :)

Ee Venn Soh

I am using the open source Framer.js and I built my own boilerplate for it too.

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