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Mike Hughes
Posted Apr 08 - Read on Facebook

Having a problem with Canvas image scaling on v59. Have an image, which is under the size of the canvas ie. image is 1280x800 PNG, and Canvas on my MAC is 1440x800 in size, but the background image is being scaled up too far. Image of result and source image. Code is simply:

Canvas.image = "images/backgroundCanvas1280x800.png"
print Canvas.size
print Canvas.frame


Mike Hughes

I would expect this result if image was larger than the canvas, but not when smaller.

Mike Hughes

Sorry Canvas 1440x900 (not 1440x800).

Mike Hughes

Same result regardless of Zoom level.

Mike Hughes

Tried v60, still the same issue. Also an issue when mirror to Browser, Chrome or Safari, so I think it is a Framer issue.

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