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Stephane Massey
Posted Mar 31 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, looking to learn a new prototyping program, had one question: Can you do keyboard input with Framer.js ?


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Stephane Massey — yes! You can listen to any keypress event within Framer. Check out these examples as well :-)


Erik Edhagen

Stephane: when you are comparing prototyping tools - know that Framer.js relies totally on programming which both makes it a lot more complex AND more capable than other tools.
It requires that you know or learn Javascript / CoffeeScript but if you do there are no limits to what you can create (other than the limits of Javascript).

Stephane Massey

Thanks Erik for the heads up. Its either Framer or Form/Origami and thats not any easier! Currently on Principle but need to find the next step and Silver Flows is a kinda dead end.

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