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Debashish Paul
Posted May 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framer-ites,

Wanted to figure out if there was a way to visualize sound in Framer… After some deep digging and initial setbacks, things worked smoothly and here is a sneak peek. Let me know if this “sounds” interesting, happy to share the details soon!


Nick Kutateli

Awesome!! Bring on the details :D

Tim Quirino


Ty Leppek

Bring on the details SUPER interested.

Ermal Turkesi

Definetely interested. Awesome job man!

Malcolm Wölf

I'm in awe.

Tony Murphy

Very interested!

Leonardo De La Rocha

Cc Will Littlejohn Scott Larson

Charlie Deets

nice work! questionable example audio decision though. :)

Debashish Paul

Great! I'll clean up and post details over this weekend!

Jorn van Dijk


Benjamin Den Boer

Woo, awesome!

Scott Savarie

Awesome. Web audio api?

Gao Feng

Looks good

Jordan Robert Dobson

I really want to see what you are doing here... I tried something similar and failed miserablly. I think it might have been my browser.

Max Schwartz


Debashish Paul

Hello peeps - Here is a round up of the process I wrote over the weekend. I have tried to make it simple and replicable so that anyone new or a pro at Framer can use this method to visualize sound in their projects. Hope this is helpful! Thanks! -

Bill Harvey

Have you tried accessing the microphone of a mobile device as the audio source?

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