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Lynn Liangying
Posted Mar 30 - Read on Facebook

Can someone help me with this:
After click on the "close friends" the details page will moves up, but after click the "events" button, nothing happens.
I put another artboard on the right, and use this code to animate it, but nothing happens:
########Swipe or click to the events page
sketch.eventsTabB.on Events.Click, (event,layer) ->
x: 0
time: 0.5
Can someone help me?
Many thanks~~


David Louie

I think you need to animate the containing artboard, not just the scrollable layer because the containing artboard would still be offscreen.
sketch.eventsTabB.on Events.Click, (event,layer) ->
sketch.artboardC.animate #changed this to artboard
properties: { x: 0 }
time: 0.5

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