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Koen Bok
Posted Mar 31 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone. We have been growing the team over the last few months. You might already have seen them around, but I'd like to officially welcome Brittany, Krijn, Eelco and Niels.

Brit will help us write copy across the site, blog and apps, Krijn is a talented junior designer and Eelco and Niels are experienced engineers with a strong computer science background (coming in handy for some future projects ;-))

They will help us build some great things for Framer. Feel free to ping them here or on Twitter whenever you need help.


Aaron James

Welcome ya'll!

Pasquale D'Silva


Adrián Mato Gondelle


Joshua Tucker

You all are an incredible addition to the amazing Framer team, thanks for all the wonderfulness you do! And welcome :).

Arturo Goicochea


Sergey Voronov

great news , good to see team growing)

Noah Levin


Philippe Côté

Welcome to all of you. It is indeed nice to see your team getting bigger. :)

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