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Eric Eisher
Posted Apr 15 - Read on Facebook

I've been running into a bug where I can't Import from Sketch. My entire team has the same issue. We open Framer, try to import from Sketch (as we've been doing for months), and get an Import Failed (column: 18) error. This started happening Friday Mar 25. Anyone else having this problem?


Koen Bok

Hey Eric, I just shipped some updates this morning, so see if you have latest. If so, could you please do the send feedback and mention me? Ideally send your Sketch file to me at [email protected] too and I'll investigate.

Sergey Voronov

Same thing, was bad for me cause happened during meetup in Kiev(

Eric Eisher

Thanks Koen Bok, I just emailed you.

Koen Bok

Ok found it. Sketch output parsing failed on spaces in a hostname (like Koen's MacBook Air). I didn't even know that was allowed :-/

I fixed it in the beta 2949 which will available in a minute or so:

Eric Eisher


Sangpil Hwang

I have same issue here.

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