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Tes Mat
Posted Apr 04 - Read on Facebook

Update: The book is for sale now!

Hi, all! I just finished a book about Framer.

As you can imagine: Something that I planned to do in “Well… maybe a few months.” demanded a bit more time. (half a year)

Anyway, it will be for sale, starting tomorrow, at a launch price of $69 (normally $99).

More info is here:

And also in the mail that I’ve just sent to all the mailing list subscribers:

Here’s the promo video:


Koen Bok

I've had a sneak peek and it is an awesome book. Lots of nice visual explanations. I can really recommend it.

Jorn van Dijk

Tes, this looks absolutely killer! Krijn, let's get this on the resources page and into our media stream.

Alexander Smetanka

Almost free!

Kasper Germann Kramme


Jon Wood

Awesome work Tes Mat!

How will updates work if we buy it starting tomorrow? Would we need to repurchase newer editions?

Aaron Orcino

Edwin Santiago

Affan K

Dude that's awesome!

Chris Chen

Cool stuff!!

Tulga Enkhsaikhan

Anar E

Aaron Benjamin

^^ This guy wrote the book on Framer! :-O

Tes Mat

Thanks Jon Wood! No need to repurchase, updates are included. I’m working on a small update in the near future: adding multi-touch gestures, and a very big one later on: adding a bunch of chapters about using live data.

Minh Tri Do

Cool (y)

Yao Jueyi

Any discount for education?

Tes Mat

Yao Jueyi I was thinking about that, but didn’t yet figure out how to verify it. I’ll get back to you! (before the launch promo is over)

Tes Mat

Oops, It’s already on Product Hunt… Time to do some Hustlin’

Noah Levin

Wow! this looks awesome

Giovanni Caruso

Any sample chapter? Just to see how it differs from other resources already available...

Chris Wunder


Tes Mat

Giovanni Caruso Not yet, still don’t know which chapter(s) to pick for it. (And it would be a hassle as well, with my Scrivener + Markdown + Pandoc + HTML tweaking workflow)

Essie Zare

Just bought mine! So far looks great

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