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Nathan Langley
Posted Mar 29 - Read on Facebook

Wow, guys. I've downloaded the trial and had made my first animation using some tuts I've found and I must say: I'm loving FramerJS.

I'm a complete n00b at JavaScript let alone FramerJS and CoffeeScript but found the resources to be helpful and Framer itself to be easier to use than I thought.

I thought I would post my project here for a little code review as I think I may be able refactor my animations into one function maybe?

Heres a link: Roll over the ellipse on Mix 3 ;)


Jorn van Dijk

Hey Nathan, welcome to the community. Glad to hear you like Framer! As far as your prototype goes, you should read a bit into states (see the documentation in the app) and probably use a delay on the mouse-over event. Roughly:

– Icons have start values (x, y, opacity) from Sketch.
– Icons have an additional state (opacity to 1)
– On mouse over, the icons need to switch to the new state, with a delay (so that you get the desired staggered effect)
– On mouse out everything needs to switch back to the start states.

Hope that helps! Good luck :)

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