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Henrique Gusso
Posted Mar 29 - Read on Facebook

Yo! I've been prototyping background blurs on Sketch by having 2 copies of the same layer, one is visible with the bg blur and a hidden one without it. Then I invert their visibilities on Framer and apply -webkit-backdrop-filter: blur on the latter.

Did anyone come up with a better workflow to make sure both screens look the same? Is it possible for Framer to eventually convert Sketch's background blur to backdrop-filter on import?


George Kedenburg III

if anything, sketch should match Framer since Framer uses the native webkit (apple) way of rendering background blurs :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

I don't think that's how you want to do it. Backdrop filters are more for translucent layers where you adjust the background color to have an opacity level. Something like rgba(0,0,0,.5).

Anything behind that Layer will blur you shouldn't need a second layer.

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