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Chris Wunder
Posted Mar 27 - Read on Facebook

Hey Framer Pro`s. Is there any way to automaticly remove numbers within the sketch file?

In Framer i get everytime the error "Error: (6) Layer or Artboard names can not start with a number".

I have a few numbers in my layer, but not at the beginning.

For example: A layer is named "XMLID_467_" or "Rectangle 36".


Koen Bok

Could you share this sketch file with support so I can look into it?

Marc Krenn

Hey Chris,
It's perfectly fine if layer names contain numbers, they just can't START with one (FYI it's a programming language thing)! In your case, one layer called "6" causes an error, so I've renamed it to "foo", making this prototype load properly:
(link removed) :)

Chris Wunder

I updated my Sketch file, but i did not found any number in the beginning of a layer. I am still getting the same error.

Here is my Sketch File:

Marc Krenn

Here it is:

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