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Daniel Specht
Posted Mar 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi Framer.js
I made quite some research to find a good prototyping tool for mobile AND web. At the moment i have to use axure (which looks something from the year 200x) because you can add conditions, variables a.s.o. But the software is slow and just not accurate. I'm not happy with this tool.

After a long research I found framer.js which is great and I'm testing right now. The only thing I'm confused with so far is, that when I would like to test a website prototype, I'm ending up with something in the appended image. It's a browser window in the actual browser window. This makes not much sense to me. Is it possible to test a web-prototype in "fullscreen" mode?


Jorn van Dijk

You can just select "No Device" from the list.

Jorn van Dijk

I have something much nicer for this coming up btw. This 'device' is clowntown.

Sebastiaan de With


Jorn van Dijk

Try this instead for presentation purposes →

Jorn van Dijk

I think we might wrap stuff like this under something like File → New from Template.

Jorn van Dijk

Try dragging the window (also under the dock and outside the desktop), and you can set the width + height and the title of the window + app name.

Ben Rodenhäuser

That's super-cool. Would be nice if you could resize the window with the mouse :-)

Daniel Specht

thank you for the help! the solution with the os x bg looks nice but it fills the framer IDE already with a lot of code which makes it a bit confusing plus it seems that implement a "scrolling behaviour" is not so easy to achieve.. The other solution with just showing a site without browser window makes no sense to me.

Framer has some really neat functions but if i have to search for solutions only to make scrolling and a visible browser window happen.. :/

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