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Jesse Brack
Posted Mar 24 - Read on Facebook

Question about scrolling and click/tap events on layers within the scrollComponent. I've been testing my prototype on my phone (Galaxy S5), and more often then not when I try to tap a layer with an event listener right after scrolling nothing happens even though the scrolling appears to have stopped, I usually have to tap a second time before the event registers.
Any advice as to what I should do or where to look for more info? Thanks!


Jordan Robert Dobson

I believe Koen has a method you can call to disable the blocking. The problem is that you want to be able to click the items during the animation but not during a drag.

Fran Pérez

This has been happening to me as well 😞

Jordan Robert Dobson

Another option is to adjust the spring animation tolerance... something like curve: "spring(500,50,0,.01)" or similar so that it reports ending the animation sooner.

Koen Bok

Yeah I think we can come up with better values for scrolling here to avoid this. I'll work on this.

Jesse Brack

Thanks for the replies everyone

Jordan Robert Dobson

Koen Bok - I would think about blocking only durring drag... and allow clicks during an animation... or wait until the distance it travels is rather slow... as you may still want the edge of the spring curve animation... I really wish the tolerance didn't stop it from animating... but only was a flag for when "isAnimating" is true or false. :D

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