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Krijn Rijshouwer
Posted Apr 06 - Read on Facebook

We just released an update that improves Sketch import in Framer. It fixes some long standing bugs like using _ in layer names, the huge cursor and some other issues. Find out more about it on our blog.


Koen Bok

We improved layer renaming from Sketch to Framer too, so in some cases a name might change if you re-import an old prototype.

Dmitry Sholkov

Awesome! Thanks, it made my day! I wonder if there is a way how can I flatten a group + override import as jpg at the same time? I tried 'LayerName*.jpg' or LayerName.jpg* it didn't work.

Koen Bok

I just pushed v56 with a fix for pinching for new and updated projects.

Stephen Crowley

AFter the update it doesn't import new groups I create in Sketch.

Koen Bok

Hmm works fine here...

Stephen Crowley

Yeah... not sure what's up. Investigating

Daniel Lin

After the update, I'm unable to import from Sketch too :O

Mike Hughes

Thanks guys as usual for your great work. Happy to be back to a normal sized cursor, but as a noob who knew ? :-)

Koen Bok

Just pushed version v57, which should solve all remaining import issues.

Ee Venn Soh

Great work (:

Esther Park

Having issues with the update. Previously my artboards from Sketch would all import as position 0,0 on Framer, but now they're relative to the first artboard. But when I change the origins manually to 0,0 in Framer, a lot of other interactions are messed up now.

Parsa Kamali

hey, does this new update append a number to imported layers with the same name? i had a loop running to target a recurring button but now it doesn't work because the buttons are unique. see pic. let me know!

Koen Bok

Fixes are still landing in the beta. If you run into an issue, there is a big chance we fixed it already:

Amy Casillas

What is the latest version? Yesterday it had me download an upgrade that put me at version 1.14.14, then today it had me download a full upgrade to version 59. I must be confused on the naming convention.

Robin Williams getting a sketch import failed message. Could this be because i am running a trial version of Framer?

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