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Amine Zafri
Posted Mar 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone!

In case it might help anyone, here is a Google Inbox prototype I made.

The prototype includes :
- Opening Emails
- Over-drag closes email
- Header moves with scroll
- Mark Email as Done
- Snooze an Email
- Undo Done/Snooze an email
- Mark a bunch of emails as Done (Today/Yesterday's emails)

Here is the link to the Framer file (Sketch file included) :


Benjamin Den Boer

Amazing work, Amine Zafri — props on making something so detailed and expansive. :-)

Artem Kozlov

Good job!
One think: red circle should be hidden in this case

Somnath SN

looks gr8 man.

Brittany Bowman Gregory

Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

Jorn van Dijk

Thanks for sharing here as well, nice work! Krijn, can you add this to the cue?

Krijn Rijshouwer

Yeah, most definitely! Looks great!

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