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Jeongmin Kim
Posted Mar 25 - Read on Facebook

Facebook announced a hidden game + fb messenger โ€” connected with basketball Emoji ๐Ÿ€(didnโ€™t know? Touch it now!).

That inspired me to make fb messenger game <Rock-paper-scissors game> โ€” connected with RSP Emoji๐Ÿ‘Šโœ‹โœŒ๏ธ. Its just an idea yet, code is not so clean. welcome to your comments.
*Play* and *Enjoy* it โ€”!



Jeongmin Kim

I think there are some problems when I call local images.. In this case, face emojis on the slots. After animation, It disappeared without reason.

Jeongmin Kim
John Shin

I need this in my life.

Benjamin Den Boer

This is super cool. B|

Jorn van Dijk

This is awesome. Lets publish to our social channels, Floris.

Terence Huijgen

It looks so real that I almost tried it out in the Messenger app haha

Floris Verloop

This is great! Will post this, Jorn.

Jeongmin Kim

Jorn van Dijk, Floris Verloop, Benjamin Den Boer Thanks a lot!

Pedja Ristic

This is so legit. Nice job! I would actually use this too :)

Hyun Soo Kim


Marc Krenn

Awesome idea and flawless execution! This needs to happen :)

Joon Won Lee

It is f***ing awesome!

Reshad Farid

This is great! if fb doesn't implement this in their message app you should make a standalone app out of it :) I am willing to help with real code!

Arved Baumgรคrtner

i want this CC/ Mark Zuckerberg lol

Rฤฑza Selรงuk Saydam

Jeongmin Kim

Thanks for your cheer, guyz. I hope to this gonna be real, hope to inspire you that can make another games. There are still so many emojis!

Angus Zhu

Expecting a lizard and s Spock!

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