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Patrick Keenan
Posted Mar 23 - Read on Facebook

It seems the nexus 4 device is broken, the device width is 8 pixels.

Is there a simple way to work at 1x rather than 2x? or 3x?


Jonas Treub

I am unable to reproduce this. Does it happen with new projects?

Patrick Keenan

Seems to be a broken file afterall, probably caused by playing with device scale. But the 1x question still stands.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I have a module that helps with this. It's at look for device pixel ratio module. Let me know if you have issues.

Patrick Keenan

Thanks Jordan this is actually more complex than what I need, but that cool! The main thing with scale is it should be a super short syntax. Currently I just set S = 2. Then when I have a number do 44*S. Would be nice to be able to drop the *S on a global level and just work at 1x but have the resolution still be 2x or 3x

Jordan Robert Dobson

You could change it so it's just s 44

Jordan Robert Dobson

Sometimes you'd have to go with (s 44)

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