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Sergio Majluf
Posted Mar 21 - Read on Facebook

Is this a glitch/bug with rotationY, or something else?

I'm following a simple example on animations which use rotationY.

Whenever there's another layer besides the rotated object, there's a glitch, that happens on FramerStudio and replicates on my iPhone with Frames/Frameless.

Video is self explanatory. What am I missing?


Jonas Treub

Instead of a backgroundLayer you should use the following :
Screen.backgroundColor = "gray"

The reason is that the viewport now has perspective enabled by default.

Jonas Treub

You could also disable the perspective:
Screen.perspective = 0

Sergio Majluf

Good! Screen.background does work, however doesn't solve the real issue, because in any project you would probably have more than on single layer. Disabling perspective doesn't change anything in my example.

It fails regardless if the second layer is a BacgroundLayer or just another standard Layer object.

I suspect the alpha on the png might have something to do with this?

If the BgLayer is also an image (used same image), there seems to be a Z index problem among the images too

I've uploaded it here, and it works OK on Chrome, but the bug shows on Safari, and of course Framer Studio. Does Framer Studio render using apple's webkit or chrome's blink?

Can you try downloading my code and trying locally in FramerStudio? I'm on v54 BTW. Thanks!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Trying making your background layer transparent. Or second layer or whatever. It's basically cutting through that layer in z-space.

Marc Krenn

Or you could add the following two properties to your BackgroundLayer:

bg = new BackgroundLayer
_____scale: 2
_____z: -1000

Sergio Majluf
Jordan Robert Dobson

You could also use the z on Buzz to keep sanity with your background layers:

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