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Joan Leon
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

Framer & Sketch: An Intentional Workflow #FramerJS #Sketch


Mike Hughes

Thanks Joan, this is a really great article. The benefits and insights of long experience and the rewards it brings ! As a beginner in Framer this has already helped me A LOT ! I was having problems getting longer flows of screens working and this is a great, logical and on the face of it simple approach. But it brings together so many tips and tricks, and as you state, saves lots of rework and time later. This is now the basis of my workflow. Not to mention lots of great detailed tips in here as well. I think every beginner should read this. On the Framer Resources page, under 'Beginner Tutorials' I think this is as valuable as the '3 Things to Get Started' article ! Thanks again.

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