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Denis Matveev
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys!
So, I’m done. I give up. I spent almost all my trial hours and searched through docs, examples and this group. I need your help!

Attached video is what I want to achieve (made in another tool): 20 dots, each one has 2 animations being played one by one. Should have been simple. I created an array of dots, added 2 states to each dot and switched the states with delays. It worked for one dot, but when I process the array only 1 state is being switched. Probably, that’s because delay timings get overcomplicated.I tried another approach — listening to OnStateDidSwitch event — with no luck.

How can this be achieved? What am I doing wrong? I really like the Framer’s approach, it could complete Principle that I use for simple animations, but I need to know that such cases can be solved there.

Thanks a lot mates! My framer’s prototype:

What I want to achieve:


Jordan Robert Dobson

Ouch. Yes this is a tough one.

I can't look at the code at the moment but I'd imagine the wrong item is targeted due to scoping issues since the loop is evaluated and the delay is called at a later time.

Can you print the layer you think you have to verify?

So try the fat arrow => instead of -> I think that will likely help.

Denis Matveev

Guys, the problem is solved, the case is closed, I altered Ben’s solution with correct animation times and it just works!

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