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Sergio Majluf
Posted Mar 21 - Read on Facebook

what are some up to date resources for teaching with FramerJS?

I want to organize a local meetup/workshop to get some people into coding and prototyping interactions and would love to use Framer Studio for that!


Benjamin Den Boer

If you're looking for teaching examples (ways of explaining what Framer is, how it works, general intros to code), these are also great sources of inspiration. :-)



Sergio Majluf

Thanks Benjamin, those are great examples. What I like about those (and what some tutorials lack), is the sense of structure, of a whole process of doing something, and incidentally doing it with Framer; that's my goal at least, because I'm working on a programming course for designers, where pace, structure and tasks are relevant.

If anyone has more examples please post them, I'll post my results back (in spanish though)

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