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Varun Yellina
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

I'm doing a prototype for interactions on a webpage. Now my question is, How can I include comments/directions next to the prototype for viewers to interact with the parts that have been prototyped? I tried editing the index.html but no luck.


Johannes Eckert

This was asked before. You can draw something in a special way, refer to these answers from Koen or Benjamin:

Kishore Doddi

One option -- instead of having the instructions next to the prototype, you could have them in the prototype and show up at the right time.

For example, as soon as the user opens your prototype, you could dim everything and have an overlay pointing to the links in the navbar and asking the user to tap on them.

After the user does that, you could point to the minimize button in the modal, etc.

Maybe something similar to the instructional overlay you see in some production apps:

Baibin Sun

You can try user Axure

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