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Adhithya R Kumar
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

Since the recent update to framer, I have not been able to import anything from Sketch. All I see is a blank canvas on importing anything, and it always defaults to "No device". Is there a fix to this? This has been quite a frustrating experience as files that used to work, do not work anymore.


Kyle Overton

I've had the same issue. Please advise.

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Adhithya R Kumar, Kyle Overton — are you guys working with artboard, or master layer groups? Could be a positioning issue. If you could send me a Sketch + Framer file, I'd happily take a look, too. :-)

Adhithya R Kumar

Now I seem to get it to work if I delete one grouped folder in Sketch. For some reason the import does not happen if that grouped folder exists in my Sketch file.

Adhithya R Kumar
Adhithya R Kumar

The Sketch file -

If I delete the layer named Map_Grid, the sketch import works. If I don't, it does not upload.

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