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Lynn Liangying
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

Having trouble with pageComponent. I imported three dartboards in framer, and want to wrap them into page component. When click on one specific group, I want to make artboardB appears from button. My problem is how can I position the artboardB at the button but not the right button corner?
Then when the artboardB is animating, I want to make the artboardA stays at the background but not moves with artboardA. How can I do that?
Or is pageComponet is not the right way to do it?
Really need your help, thanks a lot~~~


Lynn Liangying

Found a way to do it~~~ Gave up the page component, just using states~~~

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Lynn Liangying — you can also specify at which direction you'd like to include new pages by using the addPage() method. :-)

page.addPage(pageTwo, "bottom")

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