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Jordan Robert Dobson
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

This tool looks like it could be great for usability testing on your devices:

I just wish it had something that could show where taps happened in the video. :)


John Grendon Enderby

Could you not write that into your framer proto? Or would it impact other events?

Jordan Robert Dobson

You likely could if you're talking about the hit tracking...

Alex Livingston

Wow, i've been looking for this exact thing, in order to study and compile some interactions on existing apps (esp valuable to prove out to teams sometimes). thx!

Kishore Doddi

If you don't need the additional video from the laptop camera, you can also just use QuickTime and a usb cable to record the device screen and any audio:

Lookback's additional video using the laptop camera is a nice feature, when you need it.

German Bauer

Also rainbows coming out of people's faces, apparently, judging by the preview photo shown on this post

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