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John Grendon Enderby
Posted Mar 18 - Read on Facebook

**Feature request** Just an idea to make desktop prototypes easier to manage. If the preview pane could be undocked (in a separate window, a bit like the expanded photoshop tools view) it would allow for easier viewing of desktop prototypes. Wouldn't be so great if designing on a laptop, but it would be handy for those of us that work with a multi-screen setup. Could be a good option :)


Jonas Treub

You can of course mirror to a full screen Safari

John Grendon Enderby

Would be nice to have it constantly updating though without having to save.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes... this would be amazing to be able to undock it... or even have a duplicate window that I could change to a different size than the one attached to the editor.

Mindaugas Dangveckis

Use plugins to do that? Once file resaved refresh.

Koen Bok

Yeah we're looking into the possibility of undocking. We hope to add it in a future release!

Jorn van Dijk

I really want this too.

John Grendon Enderby

Also some kind of autosave would be nice ;)

John Grendon Enderby

Because I'm bad at remembering to save :(

Koen Bok

Autosave does not play well with folder documents, so we save your work at intervals at <project>/framer/backups/

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