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JinJu Jang
Posted Mar 14 - Read on Facebook

Hi, everyone.

[1] I assign a sketch art board(i.e: sketch.homescreen) to a scrollComponent. (i.e: parent: scroll.content)
[2] To make it below nav bar, I change y position of the content layer by (sketch.homescreen.y = 128)
[3] Scrolling is working, but I can't reach the end of the page. Even I tweak scroll.content.height or scroll.height.

I have a gut feeling that I misunderstood the concept those things. I think one of those 3 steps must be wrong. If you have any ideas, could you please tell me how to fix this? :/ Thanks!


Aalok Trivedi

do you mind sharing your project? What if you set the scroll.content.y to 128? Or its top contentInset

JinJu Jang

Hopefully this is good enough to explain the problems!

Aalok Trivedi

yup you just need to change the top inset to 128 so it always starts/ends in that position

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