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Debashish Paul
Posted Mar 25 - Read on Facebook

Hello Everyone,

Over the course of last week, I did a number of experiments to get familiar with CoffeeScript and understand the awesomeness of framer. I am super n00b on this but here is a sweet little thing I pulled out in the last 2 days completely in framer (nothing imported) and wanted to share it here to remind ourselves that - Prototyping is awesome > Framer is awesome > Koen, Jorn and the entire Framer team is awesome!!

y'all keep shipping Love <3

Shoutout to George for being super helpful in getting me started on Framer!

Happy Weekend!


Pierre Angeli

Really cool, can you share the code?

Koen Bok


Jorn van Dijk

Very cool!

Pierre Angeli

Did you manage to clean up the code? I'd like to recreate these little hearts effect :)

Ashwini Purohit

love it! btw, did you use a screen recording software to capture the demo? Do you have a good free one you like?

Debashish Paul

Hi Pierre - Here is a short story of the process and the explanation of the code. Hope this is helpful -

Jorn van Dijk

That's a great article, Debashish! I've requested to add it to the Framer medium publication. Krijn, can you add this to our social channels and the resources page?

Pierre Angeli

Thanks a lot Debashish, very interesting and well documented!

Didi Medina

Debashish, thanks for putting this together. learned a lot from this article!!

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