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George Kedenburg III
Posted Mar 14 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone! Later today, Koen and Jorn will be doing a live-streamed Q&A from Facebook HQ. Be sure to like the Framer page to get notified, but we'll also share the stream here in the group so you can tune in.

Start thinking of your questions! We'll go live around 5/5:15PM PST (I know, it's late for the rest of the world... sorry 😢)


Jason Cashdollar

Bummed I'm in Rest of the World right now :'(

Benjamin Den Boer

Devin Jacoviello

Jordan Walke

I don't think liking a page is sufficient to receive notifications, is it?

Øyvind Nordbø

Jordan Robert Dobson

Please say you're doing the presentation onboard a yacht!?

George Kedenburg III

Quick update: probably a little closer to 5:15/5:30. Soon!

George Kedenburg III

Thanks to everyone who tuned in! I think Koen and Jorn are definitely going to do more live in the future :)

Baibin Sun

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