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Aalok Trivedi
Posted Mar 12 - Read on Facebook

hey guys!
question 1: Is there an easy way to create a native app tap event where you tap on the target layer BUT when you slide your finger off the target layer, the event doesn't fire?

question 2: Is there an easy way to create the same tap feedback interaction for each layer in an array? For example: whenever I tap on the icons in the settings menu, I want them to scale up to 1.2 and scale back.
(you can tap on settings and preferences)


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Aalok — let's see. So for the custom event, you'd like to trigger the event if you tap on the layer, and when you slide over it, but whenever you slide/drag off of it — it should stop?

As for your second question: yes! You've already done half of the work — storing your layers in your own little array. Now, all that's left to do is to "loop" over them (targeting each layer that is included within your array) and then define states/interactions for each of them. It'd look something like this. :-)

Aalok Trivedi

Benjamin Den Boer I want to know if you can have the same press behavior as ios. Example: I go to press a button but then I change my mind. My finger is still pressed on the button but I slide my finger off of it and let go. On ios (and android), the event would not fire, but on framer it does. Hope that's a little clearer

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