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Bud Sigur
Posted Mar 10 - Read on Facebook

Hello everybody!

I stumbled across FramerJS some time ago and was wondering if the content created with FramerJS is usable for the actual app? Can CoffeScript from Framer be somehow translated into Java for example? If no, why not? If yes, how hard is it?

Thanks guys. :)


George Kedenburg III

No, not really. You can pull things like animation timings and reuse some of the high-level logic, but Framer is a tool for prototyping ideas, not building apps.

Jordan Robert Dobson

I've not found a 1:1 mapping but a lot of the thinking and solutions can be applied. It all really depends on what you're doing.

You'll have to do a bit of translation yourself.

Koen Bok

To give our high level insight in this: often people talk about a future where a designer can "ship their own app" as something ultimate.

Even apart from the practical implications to build this, we believe you are in a different mindset when you're expressing ideas (designing) versus writing production code. Prototype code isn't bound by architecture, standards, etc. It's just figuring out what works. An analogy that works is crayon vs. oil paint.

This could very well change at some point due to great technology (React native is pretty interesting) but that's our thinking for now.

Bud Sigur

Thanks :)

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