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Celeste DeMartis
Posted Mar 09 - Read on Facebook

I'm having a hard time reordering layers using z-index or z. I have multiple sketch layers and a framer layer. Framer layer wants to stay on top. Anyone else having this issue?


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Are you able to share the studio project Celeste? It would be great to help if we could take a look.

Celeste DeMartis

In this example I'm trying to push the framerPanel layer below the imported sketch Panel

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

It is missing the "()" on line 24 framerPanel.sendToBack();
But here the FramerPanel has nothing is a 0 height one.

Anyways, adding the () is now in the last position of the inspector not he right...

Celeste DeMartis

awesome that worked thank you! send to back was sort of a last resort since i couldn't get z working, should i be using "z" or "index"

Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

I see.

So, Z you should use when you want the 3D effect, and for that you need to add perspective.

The index is the one you want:

framerPanel.index = 1

But I would use push to Back most of the times :)

Celeste DeMartis

thank you!

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