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Arjun Ajith
Posted Mar 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,I decided to make my own Solar System to get started with Framer. It's experienced best through a phone, but there are a few PC friendly controls too. Unfortunately, I had to reduce a lot of image quality to make it smooth enough on mobile devices as it was already lagging on high-end phones.The controls are pretty straight-forward:

> Pinch and drag on touch devices.
> Zoom in/ zoom out on the bottom left.
> Pause button stops the revolution of all planets.
> The Info button shows the names for all the planets and makes them easier to spot.
>Alternately, you can do ALT + mouse drag on a PC to simulate pinching.

Go ahead and have a look at the mountains of Africa! Or the Red spot on Jupiter. Or the heart symbol on Pluto! :D (You'll have to use the pinch controls for zooming that far though)

Known issues:

1) Much lesser fps on ARM based processors.
2) Enabling the Info button decreases fps considerably.
3) After using the Pinch controls, the origin for zooming through button controls change
4) Moon is still lit when its behind the Earth



Floris Verloop

Insane! Nice work man :)

Jordan Robert Dobson


Benjamin Den Boer

Wow, super impressive.

Krijn Rijshouwer

This is insane man! Really well done!

Jordan Robert Dobson

I really want to stop the planets from spinning. :)

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