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Benjamin Den Boer
Posted Mar 16 - Read on Facebook

Hey all! We're super excited to host our first Framer Meetup in Berlin next week. Join me and Floris Verloop at Wunderlist on Friday, March 18th for a presentation plus a series of workshops. Be sure to bring your laptop to follow along. Having a copy of Framer Studio & Sketch installed is a plus. Also feel free to bring any cool projects you are working on to share. :-)

RSVP here —


Will Colley

Anything come up in London?

Luke Warda

London would be cool!

Behram Korganli

Wish you can share the presentation video on YouTube for people on other continents ;)

Iva Sadone

Lukas Bombach yesno?

Benjamin Den Boer

Two days left to RSVP. If you're in town, come say hi! ;-)

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