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German Bauer
Posted Mar 10 - Read on Facebook

Has anybody done any experiments with external input devices for controlling UIs? Context: I am thinking things like remote controls etc can act as local servers via Arduino/Raspberry, then I could read their stream of inputs and have the UI react accordingly.


Kees Plattel

I hooked up a Photon. Just using webhooks from inside framer. Turning LED's on and off. I guess you can make it work the other way around to as long as you are hosting the prototype.

German Bauer

Yes exactly, I would be hosting it. Great to see that you can speak to a photon. I image it works exactly like from any normal web browser right?

Marc Krenn

Yeah, I've done some experiments with Teensy using HID to talk to Framer. Would love to do some experiments with my photon/electron/oak in the next couple of weeks.

Kees, care to share your code with us? I'd really appreciate it!

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