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Javier Díaz
Posted Mar 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi, I'm working with some external files in the "Modules" folder of a project (JSON objects) and I noticed that when I create a new copy by "Save as..." and create a new copy of the project, Framer Studio copies the whole project structure, but the modules import still points to the old location of the modules (the previous version of the project), so I have to update my files there for them to be updated in my project.

Am I doing something wrong here or is it a known issue?


Javier Díaz

Actually, I found out that by closing and opening FramerStudio AFTER saving the project with a new name updates the project pointers. Which means having to copy everything to the new project.

So it seems like FramerStudio is not refreshing the import paths on SaveAs... but it does when opening the project again.

Edwin Van Rijkom

Thanks Javier, we'll look into this some more!

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