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Krijn Rijshouwer
Posted Mar 08 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone,

As of last week I joined Framer's design team! I was looking into the page and decided to put some new resources on there. I would love to hear which resources that are not on the page yet were most valuable for you, and why?


Harsha Halvi

Frontend Masters course on Framer is a good resource :)

Jordan Robert Dobson

Can you fix the Framer.code? Should be either or just FramerCode :)

Krijn Rijshouwer

Jordan Robert Dobson Of course!

Jordan Robert Dobson

Why not point people to the coffeescript site too?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Also, if you wanted to have a more advanced section:

George Kedenburg III

you can probably take the parse guides down

Krijn Rijshouwer

Jordan Robert Dobson Thanks man! We already link there ;) I think an advanced section might work. Will check out if we have enough animo for it or if it'll only cloud the beginner stuff.

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