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Adanma Ekeledo
Posted Mar 07 - Read on Facebook

Are there any tutorials/resources anyone recommends that describe how to get started creating fully functional prototypes with framer? I've been hitting my head against the wall and am wondering why I should use framer at all at this point. The docs are not really proving helpful. Any suggestions would be lovely!


George Kedenburg III

Have you looked at the examples on the Framer site? Not sure what you're looking for but theyre pretty functional imo.

Adanma Ekeledo

I've checked out a lot of them, but often they are highlighting 1-2 interactions.I know this is the main use of framer but I've seen people post about making fully reactive prototypes for user testing. I've tried putting pieces together like pages and scroll components, but its hard to incorporate all of that and hotspots when importing layers from Sketch. Just wondering if there is a tutorial or something out there to give a little more guidance.

Mike Johnson

Yes, this is somehting I have been working on, hoping to get it up online soon.

Jason Collins

Theres a really good tutorial on front end masters.

Guy Gunaratne

Noah Levin Skillshare class: was great for me. And the FrontEnd masters class too.

Adanma Ekeledo

Frontend masters looks great. Thanks everyone! Mike Johnson looking forward to the post.

Adria Jimenez

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