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Keith Lang
Posted Mar 05 - Read on Facebook

I've searched through documentation, and the web, but not finding an answer yet... Is there a way to set a pixel-mask, or similar, for the hit-target of an image?

The problem:I have multiple layers with complex shapes that have an opaque area and the rest is transparent. I want perform an action on MouseOver of the opaque pixels. It seems that's not possible? Or at least, without rendering out to Canvas and building some complex hit-testing?


Jordan Robert Dobson

I think that you might be able to hack that in with SVG as those are any type of shape.

Marc Krenn

I think the answer depends on what you want to do to those opaque pixels :)

Maybe webkitMask is what you're looking for?

Keith Lang

I just want to know when mouse is over a non transparent pixel :)

Keith Lang

That's OK, I'm working on a solution in Quartz Composer now, thanks!

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