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Márcio Ribeiro
Posted Apr 28 - Read on Facebook

EDIT: No sure why but I could get what I want using a device image width and height smaller than my layout, instead of the same value. So if someone knows how to give a layer the scale-to-fit property would be wonderful. Thanks, guys!

Since I’m not sure how big or small the user’s resolution is, I want to give like a pseudo responsive feeling to the prototype, so I’m trying to use the scale-to-fit behavior from a custom device snippet (1920x1080px) to do this, but the problem is that now the prototype don’t use all the space my screen has and never shows like 100% of it, even using a monitor with 2560 x 1440px resolution. Is there a way to use this scale-to-fit like I'm trying to do, perhaps like when you use in css to something to be "width: 100%"? And, is it possible to give a layer the scale-to-fit property?


Jordan Robert Dobson

So what's your overall goal? Getting the pixels you define to match up to the resolution of the device?

Richard Sellies

Ive searched everywhere and still can't find a fix for this. Does anyone know? It cant be that hard, specially when this code is important for prototyping when sharing a link to someone.

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