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Andreas Wahlström
Posted May 29 - Read on Facebook

You can now edit the text of imported layers using the TextLayer module. Change the styling in Sketch and it will reflect in your prototype. Give it a try:


Nicolas Russo-Larsson

this sure will be helpful, thanks!

Mike Johnson

Awesome! Saves tons of styling

Ed Monterrubio

Lương Đức Duy

No pixelated text anymore!!!! Motif tools, please add it to FramerStudio now!!!

Lesly Pyram

Stylé ! Thanks!

Justin Ma

Yeeess. I'm glad this is in!

Nicholas Mandelbaum

Hi Andreas Wahlström Maybe it's only me, but it seems the new version of FramerJS is breaking your code, something to do with the way Sketch files are imported now?

Philippe Côté

Thanks for showing this neat trick! However, I tried this with a PSD file and couldn't make it work. Is this only working with Sketch at the moment or this is related to the missing Metadata? Thank you.

Andreas Wahlström

fyi: meta data has been added back in so this feature should now work properly again :) ping Nicholas Mandelbaum

Sam Thorne

Genius, exactly what I was asking for earlier today!

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