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Dave Crow
Posted Mar 02 - Read on Facebook

I've run into a wall with this prototype. Click the hamburger in the upper right and it behaves correctly. But when you click the dashboard cards to go back, they don't return their default state.

I've tried animating the properties instead of doing a state change, as well as applying states to the sketch layers instead of the scroll component object and vice versa.

I'd greatly appreciate some fresh eyes on this...thanks!


Ben Rodenhäuser

Weird ... if you replace your line 175 with a switchInstant call, it works ...

Ben Rodenhäuser

It's messed up a little, but this is the rough direction, right?

Chris Camargo

Dave Crow, simple fix for your initial post. Line 175, place that inside a Utils.delay, and all will work as intended. :)

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