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Evan Knight
Posted Mar 02 - Read on Facebook

My html emoji isn't reading "60pt" when viewing in Frameless, it's showing at a small default size. However in Framer the emoji shows at the correct size. When I try html "hello" at 60pt it shows correctly in both Frameless and Framer, any idea on how to get the html emoji to show at the correct size in Frameless?


Kevyn Arnott

I've tried a bunch of things. It looks like the main challenge is something about emojis can't be scaled beyond 16px post-iOS 7. I can't seem to get this to work in Javascript syntax for some bizarre reason, but I did get it to work in HTML. You can write this in front of your emoji "<span style='-webkit-transform: scale(5); position: absolute;'>" It'll scale on Frameless, and it doesn't look pixelated. I believe it's scaling from 16px, so use that to gauge your intended font-size.

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