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Márcio Ribeiro
Posted Feb 29 - Read on Facebook

is there anyone having issues when working with High-DPI displays? I’m using an Apple Retina display and having a lot of half pixels, even when using svgs! Is there a way to change how Framer render pixels, like the pixelDensity() from Processing?

Heres an example:


Koen Bok

So it's pretty easy to get cases like this and it always just ends up being math; or more specifically geometry. In Framer, you'll see two very common cases:

You are centering something with even dimension in a parent with odd dimensions. There is no way to draw a 5px square inside a 10px square without having half pixels. Devices in Framer always have an even fixed width, but fullscreen makes it even harder because it's resizable.

On top of that, you mostly work scaled in Framer. The scale almost always messes up perfect pixel drawing at non-perfect numbers like 0.5, 1, or 2. If you draw a 10px square at 0.7 scale you will have half pixels. The fit to screen mode in Framer calculates your size, so you will almost never have perfect numbers.

Márcio Ribeiro

Thanks for the answer, Koen. It helped a lot on how to understand the logic behind my issue (:

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