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Peter Ng
Posted Apr 25 - Read on Facebook

Hrmmm had one of those days where i got too deep intro trying to fix the input keyboard problems so i just rewrote the native keyboard in framer. Cheers to being reckless and drunk! Enjoy!


Jordan Robert Dobson

You're insane. Or drunk. 😳

Peter Ng

also some gems in there where i wrote a custom class for the material design icon font where you can just specify html: face and it'll load up the icon!

Márcio Ribeiro

This is awesome

Ben Rodenhäuser

next challenge: auto-correction ;-)

Adam Noffsinger


Max Schwartz

Blaine dude

Rice Tseng


Kevin Keiper

holy eff

Sarah Federman

That balmers peak is no joke o.o

German Bauer

Black belt, Peter

Jose Daniel

Great job! looking for something like this for a while, it changes how you show and tell

Yap Kwang Yik

this is nice and useful! is there any only numpad keyboard framer example?

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