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Aaron Benjamin
Posted Feb 28 - Read on Facebook

Hello FramerJS crowd!

First-off... I LOVE FramerJS - As far as prototyping goes, the sky's the limit.

I wanted to pose a few questions to those who work with FramerJS in design teams.

- How does FramerJS fit into your workflow?
- If you're going to code a solution, why use FramerJS vs. xcode?
- How much time do you invest in a FramerJS prototype vs. something like Flinto or Principle?
- Do you prototype full apps or just 1 - 2 interactions?
- If you're not prototyping full apps, what do you use to do that and what do you supplement with FramerJS?

Please answer any questions you can :) I don't expect anyone should answer all of them.



Javier Eduardo Treviño

there's a longer time investment but a more detailed result.. my own experience is to use Marvel App or inVision for something very predictable and run of the mill and Framer JS for innovation, detailed interactions and advanced product design

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