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Boris Kehr
Posted Feb 26 - Read on Facebook

I have just installed Framer v54 and trying to import a Sketch file.
The import dialogue looks like this. How canI activate the import options? Thanks.


Floris Verloop

There have been some hiccups with older versions of Sketch. Do you have the latest version of Sketch installed?

Boris Kehr

Yes 3.5.2. But the problem seems to be on Framers side. This is what I get when I open Framer and click Import button. It doesn't even let me choose a file. And what does "Not running" mean? It sounds like I need to activate or download something. Just strange.

Boris Kehr

Thanks for replying btw.

Boris Kehr

I have the trial version. Maybe its that.

Jonas Treub

Do you have an open Sketch file with at least one layer group?

Boris Kehr

Aaaa... Now I get it. I thought I was supposed to import a file from Finder. Not really obvious. Problem solved. Thank you very much.

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