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Andy Jakubowski
Posted Feb 26 - Read on Facebook

Having issues with getting my Sketch layers to import as PDF—the extension is not removed and I can’t target the layer in Framer. Does anyone know how this should be done? Thanks!


Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Andy Jakubowski — hmm, I see. Appears to be an issue with the renaming. The layer does seem to get correctly imported as a PDF file. For now, you can target the PDF layer by using the brackets notation: sketch["shape.pdf"].width = 200

Thanks for the heads-up on this. We'll look into it!

Andy Jakubowski

Thanks Benjamin! I will use the alternative way for now.

One reason I’m doing this is to be able to animate the fill of a shape I’m importing. Modifying backgroundColor does something else, as seen in the screenshot. Do you know a way to target the Fill property of the PDF I am importing?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hey Andy Jakubowski — yeah, indeed. So either with SVGs or optionally with clip paths using style.webkitClipPath. See a little example of this here: — it can be used to animate both shapes (polygon → rectangle) and colors (blue → teal) as well. :-)

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