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Posted Feb 25 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone,I upgrade to v53 this morning, but I meet the ScrollComponent is not work properly...
I clean the other codes and leave the simplest line at new framer project...
You can see just add layer to the ScrollComponent...but it will not display properly...
How I can rollback to old version? or fix the problem ? thanks @@



it seem like the problem of custom device...the new version v54/v54 is not support...I change the framer.js and modify some code...the result is ok...But it is strange...

Kenrick Zhou

I just started learning framerjs(3 days ago), I really encountered this problem, how did you solve it? Can you tell me in detail.

Jonas Treub

Does "Update Framer" from the File menu solve this issue?

Jonas Treub

The content layer of the scroll component is clipped. scrollComponentInstance.content.clip = false might fix the issue.

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